Defining “Me”… January

This year, I am not just looking to promote some New Year, New Me mentality for myself or anyone else, but as I mentioned in my previous post, I really am someone who is motivated by the start of a new calendar year! If you follow me on Instagram {@momdaymotivation} you have seen my umpteen gym selfies and posts about my workouts and my meals. I, like the million other lifestyle bloggers out there who are talking about Healthy Living are really pushing hard this month. And, while you’re double tapping the ones you like, or follow often, you’re probably almost numb to all of this resolution overload.

This is where this post comes in. This year, it has taken me a bit of time to really really understand the bundle of ideas that have been swirling in my brain about what I want 2018 to look like. The endless maze of ways I want to focus my motivation and intention for the year. After about 40 podcasts, which included some serious bingeing on Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, reviewing my posts here, rereading my notes and thoughts and dreams in my journal, and taking stock of the number of novels and self improvement books on my night stand, I have had a revelation!

This year, I want to devote a large portion of my time to Defining Me. I am a multi faceted person who carries A LOT of titles, as we all do. But in this, my 39th year, I really want to dig a little deeper. I thought I was ready for that last fall when I started this little Momday Motivation blog, and I did start to scratch the surface, but I was still healing and reeling from a year of BIG changes and the weight of the year was still too much of a burden for me and I could not really allow myself to shift my focus entirely.

In, what some might call, a narcissistic venture, I will be sharing my journey with you via updates, at least monthly here on the blog and I hope you that if and when you read them, you think about your motivation and intention. Not because mine will be so prolific to inspire you or anyone really, but because may, just maybe, if you’re taking the time to read my journey, you will allow yourself to take the time YOU need to start your own.

In this month of January, I am focusing my intention and motivation on the physical me. So I will be slugging it out at home and at the gym; in the kitchen, and on the mat. I will be joining the throngs of people trying to make this year healthier, with more self love and less self sabotage.  I will be laying the foundation for healthy physical habits as, personally, I always see a direct correlation between how I feel about my body and in my own skin, to how I feel mentally, emotionally and even my connectivity to my spiritual self.

Where does this leave me currently? Well, week one has been successful really. Ive been able to focus on building a plan to help me find a solid routine and create a habit of meal planning and physical activity. My mantra for this part of my journey will be “progress, not perfection”. I need a little reminder to be kinder to myself during my journey to a physically better me.

To boost my confidence, and keep me motivated, I have started a few challenges to help me on my journey including one on the app Strava, where I am connected to the Lululemon community. They have a 40/80 challenge that a friend told me about, where you pledge to walk/run either 40 or 80kms in a two week period. Last year, Lululemon gave those who completed the challenge some free swag so I figured, why not? A week in, and I have completed 27km of my 40km goal. I also committed to a 30 day Yoga challenge, which is free on YouTube and 7 days later, I am LOVING it! It is led by “Yoga With Adriene” and I ADORE her challenges, her vibe, her teaching and her knowledge of yoga! Check her out if you haven’t before! She is a gem and did I mention it is FREE?!

To start to wrap up this “chatty” post of mine, I want to leave you with a little brain food.


What guru/author/motivational speaker offered that little gem? None of the above.

That one is all me folks.

It’s a compilation of some learnings I am taking in and invoking as a integral part of my daily routine and practice. Practice, being the key word in all of this. Nothing becomes habitual without practice. Healthy living, self care, quality time, gratitude, setting intention, spirituality, they all require practice.

Dayyyum, this got deep! and I liked it! If you enjoyed my kick off to Defining Me, I hope you’ll join me in exploring your own journey, or take a peek here now and again to see how Im making out!

With that I will remind you, and myself to stay focused and “you’ve got this”!



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