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At Momday Motivation, we keep it real. Join us on our raw journey to being our best and most fulfilled versions of ourselves. Through parenting, getting and staying healthy, managing friendships and expectations and really just enjoying life, we’ve got it all!


Self Care

Self Care isn’t a trend. It isn’t selfish, and it definitely isn’t just about bon bons and bubble baths. We encourage women, and everyone, to understand the importance of giving back to yourself and taking time to recharge and refresh.

Women Empower Women

Who else is trying to lose a few lbs, stay fit, stay healthy, keep up with kids, keep up with spouses, feel sexy, feel confident and feel strong? Ok, phew, Im not alone. Lets work on the “Me Project” one day at a time. Mind, Body & Soul.

That Mom Life

From excitement to loss. Through pregnancy, threenagers and life with two growing girls, I get real and open about what parenting and that “mom life” is all about.

Author: Michelle Darrell

I wanted a place to put my thoughts and get creative! I also know that I can not be the only woman out there, feeling the things that I feel, on a regular basis.

I hope we can connect and enjoy this crazy life together.



Momday Motivation is a motivational blog based out of California, USA written
by a 100% Canadian Girl!

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