A little about Me

My mom always said never talk to strangers, so I had better make quick work of introducing myself, so we can feel free to be chatty and candid right away!

Im a Canadian girl who is currently living Stateside with my Air Force spouse and our two beautiful children. I am a massive fan of all things pop culture, entertainment, music and arts. I love fashion, makeup and LEGITIMATELY mourn the show “What Not To Wear” on a daily basis. Additionally, I am runner, lover of chocolate (which is why I became a runner), and a “connoisseur” of pretentious coffee.

My life is currently a bit upside down and inside out. We just moved from East Coast Canada to West Coast USA. We spent 13 days on the road driving together as a family, and lived to tell about it! we are settling in nicely but everything is still fresh, new and raw. And adjusting to the “new normal” has its moments, both good and bad.

Back East I have a grand group of girlfriends, some of whom I have known since middle school, others just a few short years. I am lucky to be one of those women who has other women lift me up and motivate me to be the best version of myself on the regular. As moms, we need that. As WOMEN, we need that. Actually, we all DESERVE that.

So here you will find a bit of a mixed bag; posts on mom-life & parenting, style, weight, food, pop culture, fitness, friendship, DIYs, photography, art and literature, relationships, being a military spouse, and who knows what else, but I hope you will always find a little MOTIVATION to help you push yourself to be YOUR best self.

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