Reflections & Resilience

Today has been one of those days. It’s been a day when I’ve been called to challenge myself in uncomfortable but meaningful ways. It’s been a day when, although my emotions are running high and at the surface, I have to put on my many hats as a mom, military spouse and a support person to be present for those who need me. All of it has left me feeling vulnerable & reflective.

It has been a LONG year friends, for so many reasons.

I shared a similar message with my colleagues today but it was still sitting on my heart to share this with the community that I have here via the blog, social media and in my day to day life.

This year has been filled with incredibly impactful moments; rollercoasters of information, change and emotions; pandemic anxieties and unknowns.

This weekend will mark a year to the date of when the world as we knew it came to a screeching halt and NO ONE could have anticipated the breadth of impact this would have on each of our lives. So, this weekend, if your anxieties are high, or your ability to really manage this “anniversary” is challenged, please know you’re not alone.

I have found myself coping with raw emotions all week as my girls go back to a blended in person/virtual model of school next week after 369& 371 days respectively.

Each of us, in our homes, in our places of work, in our communities, have taken on more in a year than we realize, all while “learning as we go” and pivoting on a moments notice to meet new expectations, to understand new social norms and even to abide by new policies and legislation/guidance sometimes DAILY.

Good grief! If I take a minute to let that sink in… to TRULY let it sink in more than surface deep, I immediately feel tears welling in my eyes. And I’m not sure if they are tears of sadness and grief or tears of pride or just a release of everything that has been pent up inside as I try to hold it down for my family, for my community and for myself.

In the face of feeling completely overwhelmed to the point of wanting to resort to numbing with online shopping, crap TV, or a social media scroll, I decided to reflect on what I know for sure.

In a world that has been full of uncertainty and unknown, I know that We have persevered. I know that my family isn’t perfect but we lean on each other when shit gets hard. I know that friendships can be developed, reignited and nourished in a world of virtual communication.

I know for certain that I am tired. I know you are tired too.

I know that we have all seen moments of incredible loss and sadness this year. And that we have conquered 100% of our bad days thus far. Keep it up! You don’t need to be shiny happy people everyday but as a good friend of mine reminded me this week, you just need to keep showing up and trying.

I know that this COVID “thing” isn’t over, but by God that light at the end of this proverbial tunnel shines a little brighter every dang day!

So here’s what I’ll share with you today in terms of advice, support and love. You are worthy of happiness and sometimes finding happiness is a lot of work. But it is out there for you. It is in the little gratitudes of the every day. In the spring like days of winter snow. It’s in the belly laughs of your kids when you try to do that TikTok dance with them. It’s in the embrace of your partner or friend when you need it most. It’s in the little victories you have as you navigate accomplishing Big Picture Goals.

It’s also in the song that pops up on your playlist that transports you to a wonderful memory of the good ol days. And lastly, it’s inside Your heart, sometimes we just have to look a little harder and dig a little deeper.

On the days when you struggle to find the light and the joy, look to your crew/community to get you to that place.

We are here for YOU.

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