Things I LOVE Thursday

It is THURSDAY friends! And, its official, T.I.L.T. (Things I Love Thursday) is making a comeback!

Having such a large gap between these T.I.L.T. posts, I have so many new things that I love, that I cannot possibly share them all with you today BUT I do have FIVE (5) random, fabulous things to share with you!

First, when you live far away from people you care about and you want a fun way to keep in touch that feels more personal than a text, but less gimmicky than SnapChat, you MUST download the MarcoPolo app! It is a way to leave video messaging with your friends and family without any limit on length of time. There is no cost attached to download and the ‘calls’ are free! Also you don’t have to hold down the record button while you’re talking so it can be completely hands free! I have been using this app as recommended by a dear friend of mine and this has allowed us, and so many of my friends, to reconnect or stay connected in a completely unique way! If you do check it out comment below or DM me on Instagram or Facebook so I can hear about how you like it!

Next up, is my new favorite snack! If you know me at all, or you’re just getting to know me, staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight is super important to myself and my family! I don’t really conform to any fad diets or assign myself to one particular way to eating except for the fact that finding balance in my diet is important. As a working mom of two, who is often running from place to place, having a healthy and filling snack option is imperative or I go off the HANGRY deep end or I opt to grab fast convenient foods (aka. garbage) that aren’t good for me. My go to snack these days is a cup Non-Fat, Plain Greek Yogurt (I buy the organic Kirkland tub at Costco) or any plain Yogurt that suits your dietary needs, and I add a scoop of Quest Chocolate Milkshake protein powder. Again, you can add whatever protein powder suits your tastes and needs. This carbs any sweet tooth cravings I may have as well as keeps me full and satisfied! My go to is usually Quest products because I like the taste and their products are clean. Quest Protein Powders are highly versatile. … It’s made from a proprietary blend of high-quality proteins including whey isolate, micellar casein and milk-protein. It’s gluten-free, with two grams of sugar or less, and has one of the highest protein-to-calorie ratios of any protein powder on the market ( November 12, 2014). This is not an Ad of ANY sort as I get nothing in return for saying I use Quest, but wanted to include WHY they’re a favorite of mine.

Third, and switching gears entirely, is my love for Pixie Pants from Old Navy! OK, random and very specific I know, but hear me out! These pants are classic in every sense of the word. They are easy to transition from work to dinner out. They can wear well in ANY season and they come in so many colours and patterns, there is literally something for everyone! This is not a new fave for me as I have been wearing them for a few years now, but the last time I was in my local Old Navy store, they had them in this beauty of a new colour! It was love at first sight and then BAM, disappointment. They didn’t have them in my size in store! Thank goodness for online shopping right?! I have friends of all shapes and sizes who wear and ROCK these pants. I have them in about 8 different colours and cannot tell you how many times they have been washed and worn, but they take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’! Kudos to Old Navy for having such awesome staples in their regular collection and to appeal to a wide range of women!

Next up, who doesn’t love something even more when it comes in an itty bitty version?! Like when you go to Starbucks and you get the wee little sample cup. Any way, it could just be me, but I LOVE mini versions of things and at my local BevMo I found a four pack sampler edition of Strongbow Cider. Four different flavours and all are delish and perfect for when you want to partake in a sociable but you dont want to entirely blow your calories/macros/points for the day! These are going to be a MUST for my fridge from now on!

Lastly, I am mildly obsessed (in a healthy way, I promise) with Busy Philipps! Actress, Writer, TV late night host, InstaStory Icon! Her wit, authenticity and “sparkly” nature all tell me that, if given the opportunity, we would totally be BFFs! Her book This Will Only Hurt a Little is raw, honest, heart breaking and hilarious! If you haven’t read it, or listened to the Audio Book, you should!!!! And at least follow her on Instagram, she’s brilliant!

Ok folks, those are some of my current faves! Let me know what you think!!!

Happy Thursday ! ❤️


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