For REAL Friday

Real life is tough. Its super simple to sit back and post the ‘Insta” worthy photos, and have glimpse into a highlight of our day. Social media has become this place where it can be very tough to discern what the reality is and where the filters and hashtags stop. Now, before I go any further, I will state loudly and clearly that I LOVE posting the happy, the fun, the memories. I eat up the filters and hashtags and enjoy the heck out of the entertainment that is social media. That is WHY I personally use social media. That being said, I strive to be authentic, positive and part of the reason my friends and family take a moment to check their “feed” on the regular. I am not photo-shopping any photos, I am not trying to force feed over indulgent B.S., but I AM going to be myself and put it out there, good and bad.

In my journey to motherhood, my journey to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and in my journey as a military spouse, I have been told, on more than one occasion, that people appreciate my authenticity and approach to life. I share my journeys through my writing as a method of practicing gratitude; as a way to cope with harder days; as a way to reach out to my friends and family near and far; and really as a way to support ANYONE who feels any connection to what I am sharing.

So, if you choose to take a peek in on my journey every now and again, remember that I am here in the trenches of motherhood with you. I am here for the cheat meals that spill over into cheat months. I am here for the long deployments and the homecomings. I am here WITH you. No one should compare themselves to the social media “highlight reel” when everyone has their “behind the scene” real life happening.

My reality today is that I feel LAZY! Like the week ate me up and spit me out but in the BEST kind of way. Work was busy, but I LOVED every minute. Kids were loud and energetic then tired and grumpy, but that is life. And honestly I just want to sit and eat an entire tub of rocky road ice cream with a side bottle of Argentinian Malbec, but I also wanna feel and look healthy. Ohhh the humanity. Ha!Ha!

If you’re having one of those days where you find yourself less than confident, positive or grateful, remind yourself that you are NOT alone. Remind yourself, that you are WORTH some self care (a nap and a hot coffee are self care!). Remind yourself that social media is a HIGHLIGHT REEL, not the backstage drama. Take a deep breath and look for one moment in your day that has been a highlight and RUN with that. Some days are easier than others, but friends, that is the beauty of this life!

Comparison is the thief of Joy.

Theodore Roosevelt

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