Things I LOVE Thursday

Admittedly, its been like a hundred years since I did one of these Thursday posts but here it is! There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to this one, just a few of my new faves that I want to share with you guys this week!

Muscle Milk Coffee House Protein Shake

Yes, I am a HUGE fan of coffee as we all know and I am also guilty of splurging both my money and my calories on a Startbucks Latte from time to time, but on the day to day when Im making a delish cup of java at home, this protein shake is my go too “mix in”. I use this in place of any dairy or dairy alternative AND in place of any additional sweetener. I just CANNOT handle black coffee so this is how I indulge a little, guilt free.

Is it a “perfect” choice? No, but it works for me in moderation. So for my 12oz coffee in the morning, I add about 1-2oz of the shake and it is better than a straight up DOUBLE DOUBLE (2 cream, 2 sugar). I bought mine here in Cali at Target and they are about 5.99 for 4. Since i only use up to 2 oz per day, each one lasts me a few days, refrigerated.

Simple, Quick and Foolproof DIY home decor

Guys, I could sit here and tell you I am the next best thing to Martha Stewart in the home decor department, but anyone who knows me would snicker and maybe drop and eye roll. But what I do love to do is make easy, personalized home decor items that are both meaningful or speak to the character of my family.  I have a Cricut Explore Air 2 which makes some of these DIY projects a breeze. I like vinyl projects were I can personalize some of my favorite household belongings or make new ones! One of the pieces I did with vinyl was my Keurig, and it just adds a little something to my “coffee station” on my kitchen counter!

Also, I LOVE printables. You can find a million free printables on Pinterest or make your own with programs like Canva, MS Office, etc. Added with the right frame and they can change the look of your area in a a very effective and inexpensive way! I love changing things up but am always looking for ideas that don’t break the bank, and this is by far my favorite Home Decor DIY hack.


Guys, if you havent seen these darling glasswear, mugs, champagne flutes, dog treat canisters, wine glasses etc. you are missing out! Haha! I find my pieces at Marshalls/TJ Maxx (aka Winners in Canada) and the price point is so affordable. I love the simplicity and design of the pieces and I have JUST begun my love affair with these products and here are a few of my faves. I am sure I will be adding to my collection especially with some of the adorable holiday/seasonal items they stock! Let me just say I was kicking myself for not grabbing a few of their Easter themed gems!

Knock Knock Pads

I think I have shared with you all before that I have a minor obsession with stationary! Well these note pads have been in my Top 5 faves for years now! They have these magnetic notepads for just about everything and anything you made need to make a list or a plan for. From packing for vacation to everyday planning and meal planning! They make them for the office as well, with Things to Do list and memos and message pads! I love them. It makes making the “to do list” look organized and thought out in a way that is helpful in managing my time! This one pictured below is an absolute FAVE of mine as well as the Day’s of the Week pad that is great for the day to day TO DOs.

DIFF Eyewear

These sunglasses are amazing! There is a different style and glam factor for everyone. I found these when I noticed a TON of B List celebs that I follow on Instagram were promoting them and I wrote them off at first as I thought it was a gimmick. But when I was really searching for a pair of affordable, stylish and well made sunnies, the reviews on these were awesome. Additionally, there is a little bit of a feel good factor in that, for every pair you purchase, they donate a pair of glasses (that a required medically, like reading glasses) to someone in need via charities like “Eyes on America”. Who doesn’t want to do a little good while they are buying something they want anyway?

The price point on these is decent as well, with the majority of frames costing only $85 USD.  In comparison to other “high end” frames I have owned such as Ralph Lauren Coach and RayBan, I find the quality comparable, if not exceeding those mentioned.

The Bella frames that I have on in the photo below have a retro vibe and a definitive style. They say a lot about my personality and allow me to rock my inner diva. There are more traditional frames, more edgy styles and a bunch of Celebrity collab styles, such as the cute aviators by Khloe Kardashian. For the price and the philanthropic factor, I am sold on DIFF eyewear!

That’s a wrap on this weeks Things I Love! Let me know if you try or have tried any of these! Would love to hear your thoughts!!


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