Things I LOVE Thursday: Self Care Edition

Tis the season to be jolly, but some times it feels more like Tis the season to be exhausted and run off your feet! Am I right?! So, this calls for a little self reflection on self care.

Self care can be about those little indulgences we do for ourself but at its core self care is about making sure you are truly taking care of yourself inside and out. Lets talk about that a little bit before I give you the self care “extras” that I LOVE.

I am no expert, but what I do know is that it is often the case that we are putting those around us ahead of ourselves. I liken it to the instructions the flight crew give you before you take a flight; please remember to fasten and secure your own oxygen mask before helping others. This is true on so many levels. If we are putting everyone else first, we are neglecting our health in every respect; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. I hope that you are able to take a beat, step back and say “where do I fall on my own scale of what I deem important?”.

I like to take a few moments to myself to reflect each day, formally in a journal or informally (like right before I fall asleep) to think about how I treated myself that day. If I am particularly short tempered, tired or cranky, I like to take a moment to ask my self why? It is only then that I can really evaluate where I am falling on my own internal scale of importance and in the words of GI Joe, knowing is half the battle.

As far as my own self care goes, I like to remember to take a bit of time and do a few extra nice things for myself occasionally, to remind me how much I love me! This includes reflection and journalling but also a bit of pampering. Here are a few of my all time favorite self care indulgences.

  1. I like to have a “self care” time out box on hand with a few of my favorite things inside. I haven’t made myself one since I have been here in California, but this is definitely something i will get to in the new year. In it I like to have a tasty treat, an activity (like an adult coloring book, a magazine, a puzzle/puzzle book), maybe a few affirmations or positive quotes, a bath bomb or some nice lotion and potentially a mini bottle of wine. This little box is easy to grab when I have an evening to myself after the kids are in bed and hubby is away on training or out for a guys night. Its also great to have on hand when I have had one of those days (or weeks) and need to give myself a little time to recharge.
  2. Another fun self care activity is to stash away a $20 bill or a gift card – take yourself out for coffee, a movie or do something little with less guilt because you already budgeted for it. One of the biggest excuses people make for not indulging a little is that they don’t have the money when they want to do something. Plan ahead if you can and take that guilty feeling out of your YOU time.
  3. Be mindful. A wise friend once told me, mindfulness is as easy as washing the dishes. She said really be in the moment while washing the dishes and appreciate the feeling of the water as it runs over your hands, the fresh smell of the lemony soap. Feel the satisfaction of starting and completing a task. Look out the window at the tress swaying in the wind as you run the cloth over each plate. It may sound silly but focusing on being in the moment can alleviate stress and really allow you to be present. Also you may want to do a simple guided meditation. There are so many of these 2-3 minute mindful meditations on youtube and they are free. they can feel uncomfortable and forced at first but mindfulness takes practice. allow yourself these moments to reflect and reset your mind. I LOVE this type of meditation but forget to practice it as much as I would like!
  4. Dance it out! Thats right! Turn on your jam. Turn it up and dance your tail off! For me that means so 90’s hip hop and a whole lot of bad rappin’! Hell yes, it may include some booty shakin and twerkin even! This is fun, it burns calories, it makes us smile and it releases some of that pent up stress and negative energy! A few of my favorites to turn up include: Push It – Salt N Pepa, Strip That Down – Liam Payne, Baby Got Back – Sir Mix Alot, Bitch – Meredith Brooks, Everybody (Backstreets Back) – BSB, Castle on the Hill – Ed Sheeran, Jump Around – House of Pain, California Love – Tupac, or anything Eminem. But honestly guys, this is one of my favorite ways to recharge, remind myself to have fun and to make me smile!!!
  5. Last one for today, but definitely not least, is to grab some quality time with my family members. How is this self care you ask? Well for me, its like getting off the hamster wheel that we tend to run on most of the time to get from work and school and homework and extra -curriculars. Its a pause to say hey, “I know you and I like spending time with you!” This quality time together allows me to recharge as a mother, wife and daughter. It reminds me to slow down and enjoy the moments, as time really does move so much faster the older we get. Make some memories, have some laughs, share a tear, eat the cheese cake or whatever works for you, but ENJOY each other.


Thats my take on self care these days folks. These things work for me, but I’d love to know what works for you! Im always looking for new ideas! Share with me in the comments or on instagram! Have a fabulous Thursday friends!

Heres a list I found on Pinterest from I thought I would share!


Enjoy and take care of you!


2 thoughts on “Things I LOVE Thursday: Self Care Edition

  1. I still have my self care basket from that deployment social so long ago! You always told us how important self care is – even though I forget sometimes.

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