Support… And No, I’m not talking about bras.

Ok friends, we need to talk about support. No, this is not a post about my latest find in the sports bra department, or at Victoria Secret, but maybe a topic for another time.

Let’s face it, we all need support in our lives. We need to get support from those around us and equally important, we need to be sources of support for those we love. In my opinion, we forget about that last bit being important, more than we should.

I read this incredible quote on Pinterest this week and it really resonated with me,


My inner Oprah is embracing this as an A-Ha! Moment! We lose absolutely nothing as a people, by just lending support to those around us. In fact, all we have to gain is more warmth and more light.  And here is the kicker, it is really just human decency to be supportive.

Why the hell am I talking about this? Honestly, I think it is because I see and feel and have so much support coming at me from literally all over the world, that it has made me wonder if I am doing enough to support those in my life. I don’t mean that in a self deprecating way, but I really want to take time to celebrate my “supporters” and evaluate my own supportive nature.

Here in Southern California there are thousands of people currently impacted by wildfires & the other day at a local store I was asked if I would buy a toy for $3.99 or less to support animal shelters that are overwhelmed as a result of providing wildfire support. Of course I said yes, because I can afford to and because I felt it was the very least I could do. A customer in front of me was asked the same question and they proceeded to basically tell off the employee for even asking. Now I am not judging their lack of monetary support because maybe it wasn’t something they could do in their budget but I was definitely judging the way they mistreated the employee and wondered how many times that day the same thing might happen. Everyone has a story, so maybe they were having a terrible time, but everyone deserves respect.

After reading and rereading the draft of this post I feel like I am babbling a bit so I will try to wrap it up coherently! (I write how I talk 90% if the time so you really are getting the authentic me)

Having and being pillars of support is crucial to a fulfilled life in my opinion. You need to give and get on this one but not equally at the same time usually. There are times of struggle where we need our tribe to help lift us up. In the times of strength and stability we lift up those who need us.

Support the ones you love in the best ways you can. Support those you don’t know by being kind and respectful. Support yourself with positive self talk, encouragement from within and by surrounding yourself with people who will help lift you up.

In my own personal reflection of support giving, I feel like I’m doing ok, but there’s always room for improvement. So, I go back to practicing gratitude. Daily, I will make my best effort show kindness and respect as our gifts to the world. I will make my best effort to show empathy and understanding to others. That is all we can really do.

For those people who show me their support always, I hope you know how much you are appreciated. I likely don’t say it enough, but thank you.

Be kind. The world needs more of it.


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