Birthdays Eve

As I sit here, about to embark on a new decade, I’m so proud of the woman I became in my 30’s! I became a mom to three of the most beautiful babies on the planet. I survived gut wrenching loss and grief. I became fierce in my pursuit of self care and in doing so lost over 100lbs and became a runner. I ran Five half marathons! I learned with each passing moment that I am loved endlessly by my husband and girls, as well as the family and friends, whom we call family, that surround me. I showed myself that I can handle a year long deployment without completely losing it. I proudly packed up our first home and we moved to another country, showing our girls the beauty and gifts of travel along the way. I persevered and planted seeds in California that have become roots in our new community. I am passionately dedicated to supporting military families just like my own. I made memories with friends new and old. Connected and reconnected with people whom are near and dear to my heart. I learned that I can accomplish great things and I WILL be forty and damn fabulous while enjoying every single moment. Life is precious and I will practice gratitude everyday and see the joys of life in my babies eyes, my husbands embrace and the love that surrounds me. Bring it on 40, I can’t wait to see what you hold for me!

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