Things I Love Thursday : Disneyland Edition

It’s Thursday again and I am back from vacation, ready to share with you my LOVE for all things Disney! More specifically, Disneyland California because to do a list about Disney as a whole would take a LONG time and I’m not sure I’d be able to narrow it down !!

Last week we had our first visitors from home and we had a helluva week! But we kicked off our family vacation in style with two days at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure!

One of the things I Love most about Disneyland/California Adventure is that they are quite literally in the same area! With Park Hopper passes you could literally go back and forth all day long! It’s just a hop skip and a jump across an open ticket purchase area (also a great place to see the fireworks) and boom! You’re in the other park! This makes it convenient to be on Splash Mountain one minute and Seeing Elena of Avalor make her Grand Arrival right after!

My next favorite thing about Disneyland was that we got to meet Moana!!!! Ok so, she may make appearances at Disneyworld as well, but when we were in Florida she wasn’t there yet! This made my girls over the moon excited!! Heck, I even posed for a photo with her I was so pumped!!!

Another Disneyland exclusive that I LOVE is the fact that you can actually explore Sleeping Beauty’s castle and relive her infamous story as you go! I loved this! It had an old school feel but the fact that I was “in the Castle” was tremendous!

Speaking of the castle, can we talk about the Christmas Lights?!?! This Castle was exquisite at night! It looked as though Elsa had worked her frosty magic on Sleeping Beauty’s home and it was absolutely breathtaking! What a backdrop for the amazing fireworks show at night! Beyond beautiful!! And heck, it even snowed!!

Another ride that I LOVED all decked out for the holiday season was Its A Small World! This ride is definitely not usually on my “must do” list but holy moly it is spectacular all lit up for the holiday! I have never in my life seen that many Christmas lights in one place! Disney does Christmas right!!! They mean it when they say “the holidays start here”! Just wow!!!

A Disney staple, no matter which park you’re at, is the Dole Whip! Pineapple soft serve deliciousness!! I literally had one for breakfast on our second day there! Yummmmmy!

California Adventure has its own fun for all ages! But one of my favorite parks of that park is the fact that you can have an adult beverage while you walk around!!! Yes friends, beer, wine, spirits! Cheers to some adult fun! I had a Mimosa Flight for the evenings water spectacular show and it was sooooo good! The best part, no one seems to take it too far and the adults can enjoy a bit of grown up fun or take the edge off a busy day!

And speaking of the nighttime entertainment at California Adventure park – the water spectacular set to music is stunning! It is a breathtaking display of classic Disney images on hundreds of water “spouts” that shoot into the air up to hundreds of feet high!! It was beautiful and even brought me to tears at one point! Kids and adults both loved it! Pro Tip: get a spot on the bridge facing the Ferris wheel if you can – it will be worth the wait!

And last but not least, my favorite ride this time had to be Grizzly River Run! A wild trip in a tube for 8 people down a river rapids was both fun, exhilarating and we laughed so hard we had tears!!! All of us thoroughly enjoyed it and the best part was that we all got to do it together!!!

So that’s it guys, my round up of favorites from Disneyland and I will carry the memories from this last trip with some super special Friends who are Family, for the rest of my life! And that is truly magical!

Have a magical day!


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