Things I Love Thursday

This week has been full of house cleaning, kids with colds, packing for vacation and did I mention kids with colds ?!? So no big blog post from me this week but I cannot let the week pass without a “Things I LOVE” post!

This week I have also been on a DIY roll making shirts for our #halitocali #friendswhoarefamily trip to Disneyland! That being said, the first thing I am loving this week is my CRICUT!

This machine can make everything from cards to iron on “decals”, wall art, and personalize your decor! It cuts multiple types of fabric, paper and vinyl and you can create pro quality items all from the comfort of your own home! The best part … they are completely customizable! I’m not the craftiest of mamas but this machine keeps my DIY game strong!

The next thing I am LOVIN’ on this week is one of my favorite TV shows of all time, This Is Us. I know I am one in a bazillion people who LOVES this show, but honestly I am moved by it in so many ways. Lets go back to the Pilot episode…FREAKING EPIC?! Am I right? I was blown away but the entire thing and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better for a Pilot…BOOOM! The end twist was beyond words! I rewatched it recently with my hubby who had never seen it and it was torture not to tell him the big ended and to watch his reaction was priceless! He was floored and never saw it coming!

The shows writers and creative team are incredible and impress every.single.week. And while I could go on an on about all of the episodes I LOVE, I am particularly  loving the show this week because not only was it moving and heart wrenchingly beautiful, it continues to address challenging topics and gets people talking about them. This is the part of the show that almost makes it hard to watch. In my life, my husband and I lost a child at her birth, and the episodes that address this topic are so honest, that I almost don’t want to watch, but when I do, its almost therapeutic as it allows us to have healthy conversations as a couple and with our peers about the hardest thing we have ever coped with in our lives. Others may feel that way about the topics of racism, alcoholism, obesity, love, relationship, family dynamics, and so on and so forth. If it isn’t obviously already, I LOVE this show and each week I laugh, I cry, I am forced to think and reflect, and I am ultimately entertained.

Lastly, this week I’m gonna show some love to the beautiful people we are so thankful to have in our lives. Facebook, FaceTime, Skype, SnapChat, Insta, emails, texts, Whats App, are allowing us to feel close to home when in fact we are so so so far away. THis weekend we have some of our closest friends visiting for a week and this week we also booked  flights for my mom and step dad to join us for almost 3 weeks at Christmas! This is so exciting! We will be able to show people where we live, a little peek at our day to day here in Cali. We will also be able to make some amazing memories and spend quality time with people we love! Cherish the time you have with people, it is precious and priceless. Live in the moment, laugh so hard it hurts, and show love to those who you love. Embrace kindness and dish it out endlessly. And finally, allow yourself to be happy and fulfilled. Thats what makes life beautiful, people.

Have a wonderful week!!!



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