Things I Love Thursday! Holiday Prep Edition

The holiday season is upon us and if you celebrate Christmas you may have already started trimming the tree and hanging the lights, if not, chances are you’re getting ready to!

Sitting by the tree last night I was thinking about what I love about the lead up to the Big Day! Thus, this edition of TILT (Things I Love Thursday) was born!

First of all, I love love love being able to really change the look of my home decor for this one beautiful season! Adding in poinsettias as a pop of color with their beautiful red hues. Twinkling lights in places that are normally just a part of the everyday structure. Sprigs of holly, pine cones and personal momentos from the holidays we collect each year.

Adding to the full on transformation of the regular is the addition of beautiful Christmas tree (or trees) ! The ambiance of the lights, coupled with the fresh smell of pine lingering in every crevice of the house instantly triggers Christmas spirit for this girl! I love trimming a tree with my girls with all their fun ornaments and ones that were mine in my youth as well. Their anticipatory excitement and joy as we reminisce of years gone by or debate who gifted who which ornament. It’s the hot chocolate moustaches and candy cane kisses that make this mama so happy!

Next, I love the “fancy tree”. There tree that I get to decorate in ribbon and beautiful bulbs and the most treasured ornaments. The one that is the centrepiece of my holiday decor. The one that allows me a little OCD in the midst of the merriment and chaos. The one I sit in front of, with a glass of red, and wrap presents with my hubby. I LOVE that tree.

I also love the sense of community during this time! Tree lighting ceremonies and holiday parades! Children’s Christmas concerts and holiday parties! We are given so many opportunities to connect with our friends, neighbours, coworkers and families. That is a gift in and of itself! I love that people who we think of often but hardly speak to send cards and letters and we do the same. I love the warm fuzzy feeling I get in my whole heart when I open a card or an email from a friend.

And lastly, what I love most about holiday prep is knowing that in just a few short weeks, we will all be enjoying time with family. Not just a few minute or an evening, but serious, quality time with the people we love most. We will make memories; Eat too much food; Drink too much wine. We will laugh until we cry and we will cry for those we miss or who are no longer with us. We will have lazy mornings and bustling evenings! So really, what I am saying is that what I love most about holiday prep is the beauty of the season in general. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

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