Sometimes we just have to Push Pause

I had big plans for this week and today especially but this morning I am realizing I need to take a rest and push pause for today. I have a few drafts of blogs I want to share with you, I have some personal admin that needs to be taken care of, and I have a mountain of laundry to fold and 2.5 bathrooms to clean. I’ve been fighting off the dreaded school cold bug that my kids have both had but, this morning, I woke up at 4am with a screaming sore throat! 

As a mom and a wife and as a woman generally, I harbour a lot of guilt when I feel like I can’t keep up to the demands of the day. Ironically, I place most of those demands on myself. I want my kids to have homemade lunches with cute lunchbox notes. I like to get to the gym while my family is at work and school so I don’t miss out on time with them. I prep healthy meals in advance. I try to connect with friends and family via social media and texting every day to stay connected. The list of daily To Dos can be intense. 

Today though, it’s a no go. This morning I’m pressing pause. I’m having a hot tea, laying on the couch and catching up on some reality TV Guilty Pleasures. I am hoping that by resting this morning, I can feel better for the rest of the week and be back to feeling good!

Remember friends, take care of yourself so you can help care for those you love! Love yourself too!


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