Defining Me : January Wrap Up

Wow, does anyone else feel like that was the quickest month EVER?!

Phew, I am still sweating from the race from start to finish that was January! It is not lost on me that the saying goes, “Time flies, when you’re having fun” and I can truly say that I strived to make my January health and fitness goals as much fun as I possibly could.

So, lets talk about how it went over all then I will break down the nitty gritty as well as let you know whats to come for February!

I am generally proud and pleased by my progress month, even though the scale isn’t showing a lot of my hard work, I am feeling fantastic and seeing lots of NSV’s (non scale victories). I am hitting up the gym or getting in an at home workout 5-6 times a week and doing 20+ minutes of yoga each and every day. I successfully accomplished the TRUE, Yoga with Adriene challenge and loved the days when hubby would join me on the mat for this awesome practice in exercise and self care! It was great for our physical well being as well as quality time together shared as a couple.

I crushed my Lululemon Strava challenge and scored 25% off any purchase so splurged on a new pair of my FAVE crops from them! If you haven’t tried their Align pants or crops, you are missing OUT! (Note to self, and to you guys,Things I Love Thursday needs a LULU edition ASAP)

As for the kitchen goals, I’d say I was at a 75/25% for success in planning and prepping. That being said, my hubby was away for two weeks and that always throws me for a loop but I didn’t go off the rails, I just approached things with a more laid back attitude and chose my battles carefully. Sometimes, I’ve learned, that when I over stress about the plan, I set myself up for failure. For instance, if one little thing goes off the track, I use that as an excuse for falling off the proverbial wagon. Deployment can often be one of those plan wreckers so I flipped the script and made a less stringent plan for those weeks so I could feel good about how things were going. I must say, this really worked for me and my girls. Less stress = more success!

Other NSV’s for me were:
1) feeling more comfortable in my clothing. I’m really starting to see things getting a little looser or fitting more flattering which is always a motivator and confidence boost. Also, in terms of the physical, I’m seeing my skin feel less oily and subsequently less break outs which is amazing.

2) I am loving that my mood has  improved and my approach is generally more patient and relaxed. When I feel like I have things, like my weight and health, under control, I am more positive, patient and less anxious. This shift in mental health for me is key. When I am physically uncomfortable, it greatly affects how I present myself outwardly and how I feel mentally. I exude more confidence, positivity and cultivate more motivation when I am on track physically which includes healthy diet, exercise and self care.

3) I took my measurements on January 2nd, then again this week and “bam” I am down 2 inches. That’s a move in the right direction for sure. This really does motivate me to keep moving forward and focus less on the scale and more on loving my body inside and out. That being said, I still have a number goal in mind, but ultimately, feeling good and being fit/healthy is the priority.

4) This one is a bit superficial, but who doesn’t LOVE a nice compliment?! At the gym two days ago, my Body Combat instructor pulled me aside after class to tell me how amazing my form was and that I am looking fierce and strong in class! Can I get a HELL YEAH?! That put me on cloud 900! Ill take that and make sure I am there at the next class ready to kick some a$$!

Alright, alright, enough about what I did already, lets talk about whats to come. This is just the beginning of my journey this year and although my focus in February will be taking a new angle, it doesn’t mean this part comes to an abrupt end. Health and fitness is a journey; a journey of and FOR a lifetime, and I am in it to win it! You’ll still hear about that part of my journey here and on Instagram (@momdaymotivation) but Im going to up the ante and indulge in a little love for the month of February. Self Love. Self Care. Self Talk that is kind and loving and courageous. I’m going to embrace the beauty that is ME; I will own it and give it a big ol’ hug!

I hope you met some of your own January goals, I know you have been working your tails off!! Literally! Share your progress with me. The good, the bad, the ugly and the down right AMAZING! Also, join me in continuing this exploration of self and add in a little love.

You’ve got this!


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