“Things I LOVE” Thursday 

Let’s talk things about a few things that I love that help motivate me to go out and crush my workout!

Gotta start with an outfit that makes me feel gym ready! There are a few pieces I cannot live without!

On the bottom, my favorite leggings are the “Align” crops by Lululemon! I MUST have them! These pants come in a high waisted option and are so soft and comfortable you will barely remember you’re wearing pants!!! If you prefer something with a little more compression, these won’t be your fave for workouts, but they feel incredible for everyday atheleisure wear!!!! Also, you will likely have to size down in this crop, pretty fab right? Like AMAZING!

Sports Bras – I’m doing all kinds of different work outs from yoga, to HIIT, to running and kickboxing. I of course have a few different bras and varying levels of support but my #1 go to is again a Lulu product – the Energy Bra! Comes in a variety of colors, fits true to size and looks amazing under a tank!

Speaking of tanks, I’m a huge fan of fun tank tops for working out! I love them to have inspirational quotes, cheeky sayings, or powerful mantras! These can be found everywhere from Target to Kohls, TJ Maxx and Lululemon. If you’re crafty you can even make your own!!! Here are a few of my faves in my “collection”.


So aside from the outfit, you have to got have good shoes! I’ve tried everything from Nike, ASICS and New Balance, but NOTHING compares to my Saucony Rides! I’m currently wearing the Ride 9s and am in love! Why do I love them so much? They are cushiony soft the have the perfect support for my neutral foot and they work for everything I like to do including running &  kickboxing! If you’re not sure what show is best for you, get professionally fitted at your local Running Room!

For workouts, I like to get in a good sweat sesh so Cardio for me is my happy place! When I am not running, I look for cardio workouts at the gym or at home. Right now my favorite workouts are Les Mills BodyCombat classes that are offered by MANY local gyms. It is an amazing total body workout and makes me feel energetic and empowered!

For working out at home, I have TWO must haves. First is if you’re into yoga and you aren’t already aware of Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, you MUST follow her and do her workouts. She is amazingly motivating, knowledgeable and has yoga workouts for everyone and every body! I suggest trying one of her 30 day programs like 30 Days of Yoga or Yoga Revolution. These are FREE! It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Also, although I am not a Beachbody coach, nor do I use Shakeology or 21 Day Fix, I so have an annual subscription to BeachBody on Demand. For $99 for the year you get unlimited access to their workout programs, cooking show and all of the supporting information that comes along with their programs. My personal faves currently are Clean Week and Core De Force! I don’t always have time to get to the gym, so no excuses here, I can workout whenever and where ever!

For a post workout snack, I like to get in some protein and when I am on the run or in a hurry, QUEST bars are my protein of choice! Ok, so I know that actual, non processed foods are a better choice but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do on the go! My all time favorite flavors are Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Mocha Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie. You guessed it, I LOVE chocolate! These bars have good ingredients, 20g+ of protein and less than 1g of sugar! Whats not to love? Also, ProTip – heat them for about 15 second in the microwave and bam they are other level yummy!

Lastly, you have GOT to stay hydrated, and personally I love a fun water bottle to keep me motivated to get my 3L in every day!. I found a few fun ones at Winners/TJ Maxx and Amazon. I have also had them made and am working on making a few myself but here are some fun ones from my collection!


The thing about working out is that usually the hardest part of ANY workout is getting your butt out the door! Am I right?! So maybe having some of your favorite workout “tools” on hand will help get you motivated and help you achieve your goals!


Lets do this! Lets set some serious fitness goals this November, and CRUSH them! Who’s with me?!



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