“Things I LOVE” Thursday : Guilty Pleasures Edition

Today, I need a little fun! It’s almost the weekend and I am being a little self indulgent this morning by wearing my comfiest sweats, a cozy tank and writing this post in bed sipping on a hot cuppa Creme Brûlée flavored coffee. It was a long night with our oldest battling a nasty head cold, so Im going to enjoy my three hours to myself this morning.

What better way to do that but kick back and share with you some of the Guilty Pleasures I LOVE the most?!

These, my friends are in  no particular order and feel free to comment with some of your faves!


Yup, it is true. I love a good selfie! And not just my own selfies, I love other people selfies as much, or even more! I can hear some of you rolling your eyes from here, but hear me out. I have many reasons to love a selfie. Personally, I am usually the photog in my family, so getting me in a photo is difficult. Even more difficult, getting me in a photo I like of my self (see previous blog post on negative self talk). Also, I figure if anyone is willing to take a photo of themselves (myself included), edit it or not, and post it to social media to share with the world, then they must be feeling pretty damn confident in that moment and be loving what they see! Self-confidence is a hard thing to gain and if you have that, even just for a split second, OWN it!



Disclaimer: if you’re taking NSFW selfies, or your partner wants you to send some nekkid selfies, remember, NOTHING IS EVER SACRED or DELETED FROM THE INTERNET. So please, please post your selfies with safety and internet awareness in mind. 



I am a true Boy Band lover, no ifs, ands, or buts about it and I will own up to that any day, anywhere! Does it mean I don’t have good taste in music? NO. Does it mean I only enjoy bubblegum pop? NO. Does it mean I like to sing along loudly in my car and embarrass my kids? Yes. Does it mean BSB, NKOTB & NSYNC are on my everyday play list, hell yes! It also means I can do the choreo to many of their most famous songs; that my kids can sing along in the car with me because they know all the words AND that I have travelled A LOT to see them live! I like the cheesy lyrics, the matching outfits, the synchronized choreo and I lived through the era of boy band posters lining my walls. 

If you’re reading this and you are quietly singing “Backstreets Back” or “Tearin’ Up My heart” I know you feel me on this one. If you are rocking out “The Right Stuff” while cleaning your bathroom, we could be best friends, just sayin’.



…Like, the kind of reality T.V. that you’re not sure you want to admit you watch out loud in a room full of people you don’t know well. You know what I mean, and don’t be judgy! We all have one or two of those what we cannot miss or we will binge watch when we need a fix! So in the name of Things I LOVE Thursday, Ill proudly share with you a few of my cringe-worthy picks! First, I love any show that The Bachelor franchise puts out. I like The Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise. I like it all.

Also, I love me some Kardashians. I will watch that show for hours on a rainy day or a sick day. I watch it at the gym. I follow them on social media. Now talk about Selfies!! Its two of my favorite things in one! I truly enjoy their dynamics. I like that each of the family members is sometimes relatable and sometimes I have no idea what they’re even talking about. I watch it at face value. Entertainment. 

I also love music/talent shows like American Idol, X Factor, The Voice and Boy Band. I love watching people finding a way to reach their dreams and I LOVE music of all kinds, so its a win win. Do I cringe when some of the shows show bad auditions? Yes. Do I cry when one of the contestants nails an amazing ballad? YES! I sing along, I clap, I boo, I pick favorites and I cry when a good one wins! You should’ve seen me way back when Kelly Clarkson won Idol….all the tears!



The thing about Starbucks for me that is a guilty pleasure is that each time I go, its not just about the coffee, its about the whole experience. I like to order my pretentiously delicious, Grande Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte, No whip, extra hot, all they while trying to decide which name I will give them when they ask for my name to put on my cup. And while they are writing my name on said cup, I am wondering if they will spell it right, while secretly hoping they get it terribly wrong so I can tweet about it! I pay using my app, so I can collect starts for more free Starbucks, and secretly judge those who don’t. If I have time, I like to sit with my coffee, which, lets face it,  will need to cool down since I ordered it extra hot. I will usually take a Selfie or check in on social media. Then I start the people watching. And Starbucks has THE BEST people watching people! I sip and enjoy the warm cinnamon flavor and take it all in. Truly indulging in the practice of self care while thoroughly enjoying every last drop!


And last but not least….

90’s MUSIC

The music of the 90’s is varied and multifaceted. It is beautifully eclectic. The early 90’s saw everything from the dominating Guns n’ Roses with Use Your Illusions I&II, and Nirvana breaking onto the grunge scene in 1992. You also had literal oldies tracks like Unchained Melody and Bohemian Rhapsody on the Billboard Charts as a result of movie soundtracks introducing a new generation to these classics. Whitney Houston also dominated the early 90’s with hits from The Bodyguard, pop music at its FINEST! By the mid 90’s You had Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey front and centre in Pop/R&B, and Alanis Morisettes iconic Jagged Little Pill on fire winning Grammy of the year in 1996. Rounding out the 90’s was the resurgence of the Boy Band and Girl groups. Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls were skyrocketing towards world wide success (YAY!!) and bringing new girl, Britney Spears along for the ride. Icons like Aerosmith, Elton John and Cher also so mega success in the 90’s with their hits “I Dont wanna miss a Thing”, a remake of “Candle in the Wind” for Princess Diana, and “Believe”. 

Also in the 90’s, bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Radiohead made huge waves in their genres, while Michael Jackson was still pumping out incredible chart toppers. You had the battle of the rappers like Biggie, Tupac, Puff Daddy. You had Salt n’ Pepa, Shania Twain, Matchbox Twenty, No Doubt, Sheryl Crow, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Destinys Child…… The list of artists and the development of so many genres is incredible and I LOVE it all! It is the soundtrack of my youth and there was literally something for everyone! For me, I LOVED a lot of it, and could appreciate and enjoy most of it! I have many memories of listening to Nirvana and Pearl Jam then later rocking it out to some of my all time favorite dance tracks like “Push It”! I am a 90’s girl through and through!

What are some of your favorite 90’s Jams?


I hope you have enjoyed my first Guilty Pleasures Edition. I am sure there will be more of these!!


Happy Thursday!


2 thoughts on ““Things I LOVE” Thursday : Guilty Pleasures Edition

  1. Love your post and definitely love Starbucks ( miss Tim Hortons) and still find lots of them
    In Tokyo. I am a chai tea latte lover. Also reality tv and 90’s music have a special place in my heart along. Hope you have a great weekend. Love following you and hope your daughter feels better soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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