What is “Momday” anyway?

I truly feel like moms around the globe can relate to having that “Momday” feeling.

In my parenting fantasies, “Momdays” were days filled with hugs and laughter from my beautiful little ladies. We’d be dressed like a walking GAP Ad while we frolicked at the park, toting our non GMO, sugar free, Organic, locally sourced picnic (complete with red gingham blanket).

Then, I actually had kids.

While some of those picture perfect days showed up here and there, I quickly realized that parenting is really freaking tough. I started unconsciously lending a negative connotation to my use of the made up vernacular, the same way some one moans and groans about it being Monday. You know what I am talking about!   That “ugh the awesome weekend is over and oh crap I have to jump back on the hamster wheel and do all the adulting” feeling that also usually marks the start of a diet or a blur of bussing kids to this sport and that school event. Not to mention finding time to find the perfect dress (as well as the appropriate Spanx) for this weekends event, volunteer for PTA, all the Zumba classes, Dentist appointments, vet appointments and, oh yay, a PAP test! “Momdays” were feeling more pitiful than picnic full.

Show of hands if you can relate!?!

Then it dawned on me. I was having coffee with my girlfriends and noticed that the BEST conversations we had were about how to keep each other motivated to be the best versions of ourselves while acknowledging, of course, that some days are crap. That parenting woes and feeling tired, frustrated, proud,  joyful and annoyed is all part of the parenting package. My friends would offer to watch my kids so I could go for a run to maintain or regain some mental sanity. They will pour ANOTHER cup of coffee and make me lunch, when I just couldn’t leave the playdate quite yet. They  listened to me celebrate the success of getting through soccer practice without a meltdown. They cooed appropriately over my outfit that took months of research for girls night. And they always tell me when I have food in my teeth. Every. Damn. Time.

This feeling of support and being surrounded be people who just “get it” is second to none as a mom, and as a woman.  These draggy “Momdays”, that we starting to feel rather awful, turned into the best motivation to seek support, laugh in the hard moments and celebrate the successes big and small. Momdays for me are now about trying to see things from all angles and figure out what to do next.

Does this mean my days are now perfect? Hell NO! I still cry over my six year olds tantrums, I yell when I lose my temper, I cheer the loudest at any event my kids do and I dole out the hugs when anyone has had one helluva day, even if I could use one too. But I AM motivated to start each day fresh and with the ideology that I will keep striving for my best ME.

So, bring on “Momday”, “Hump Day”, “Payday”, “Weigh-In Day”, “Race Day”, “I’m gonna lose my sh!t if this day doesn’t end soon Day”, “I did it” day or whatever other day comes your way and lets handle it like the rockstars we are!




16 thoughts on “What is “Momday” anyway?

  1. You are amazing
    I’m on a break from walking lunges with tears steaming because I miss you…he way you just get it! This blog is a true gift to the world, but to me it’s a little piece of you still in my home….to make me laugh over coffee or to share tears about he dramatics of children and life!
    I’m so proud of you!


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  2. Beautifully written and so true! You have been an inspiration to me over the last few years and I’m glad to have met you! You have touched more lives than you know and now you will continue touching more through your writing. Thank you!

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  3. This truly brought a smile to my face on a day where I found myself feeling a little low and missing you just down the road or should I say across the hall! Love your parenting perspective my friend.

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  4. Well said Michelle! Add military life to those Momdays and boy oh boy what a cocktail of craziness! Right?!
    Your girls are awesome and you can see it in their eyes they know they are loved. That’s really the only parenting bar we need to hold ourselves to. Everything else is not worth sweating over. 😎

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  5. So I’m a Mom of a grown up kid and I’m totally missing all the Mom stuff! Thank you for being such a sharing and beautiful person. I will be following all your perspectives, antics and adventures:)

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  6. This is awesome!! I’m so glad you are doing this and I have to say this was just what I needed to read today! I so miss the play dates with people who get it!

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  7. This is why you are so loved, cherished, and an inspiration to so many you know just what to say and how to say it. You have helped me turn those rough moments into something that isnt so bad so many times! You are so missed and i am so glad i get to enjoy this blog and i know it will be enjoyed by so many others!! you are one heck of a woman and i love ya xo

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