“Things I LOVE” Thursday

I hope you’re back to check out a few of my favourites this week! Were there any products I shared last week that peaked your interest? I know I got a ton of feedback on Insta and Twitter about the Batiste Dry Shampoo!  Looks like y’all are loving it as much as I am!

Without further a do, on to this weeks picks!


Office Depot can take all my money!

From the time I was a little girl, I loved that late August excitement of going school supply shopping with my mom to get all of the new pristine pencils and the crisp clean note paper. The Binders that had yet to be doodled on and the fresh markers, or crayons or colored pencils that had the perfect pointed tips! I loved it all! It signified the start of somethng new and exciting and it also meant routine and structure. I craved those things then after a long fun summer and I crave them now at the start of the school year, or in January when things need to be freshened up or as I set new goals. I love stickers to help me organize my planner, I like colored pens to categorize what types of appointments I have upcoming. I love the freshness of a new note pad for meal planning or goal setting. I love it ALL!

Notebooks, stickers and planners! Oh MY!

Bold Red Lipstick

That instant “Put Together” & Sexy Feeling

Ok ladies, who doesn’t feel instantly more glam with a bold lip stick?! For you it might be a merlot color or maybe even a hot pink, but for me it is RED, RED, RED! I think it goes back to the days of “Blonde Ambition Tour” and “Vogue” Madonna, who always looked in charge, fierce and fine when she was rocking her gold lip! It could also be the sultry, sexiness of Marilyn Monroe, who owned a room with her smile. That feeling I get when my make up is on point, my outfit is looking and feeling fabulous and I top it off with a classic, bold red lip, well let me tell you it gives me a feeling of “I will OWN this day”! I instantly feel more powerful, pulled together and hell, sexier! My top three favorites are MAC Cosmetics, Retro Matte in Ruby Woo, SST Cosmetics, Matte, in Passion and Kylie Matte Lip Stick in Mary Jo K!!! Grab your favorite lipstick today, and flaunt it!!

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

Turkey Dinner

Homemade, of course, with all the trimmings

 This week was Canadian Thanksgiving, as I mentionned in my post on Tuesday, and besides practicing gratitude, I broke out my inner Martha Stewart and cooked a fablous homemade meal for my family and friends. There is something so rewarding about prepping and cooking a healthy, homemade meal that satisfies the physical want for delicious food but also the emotional connection and memories that certain meals or dishes carry over the years. This year we were away from our extended family and life long friends, but we still wanted that feeling that the smell of a turkey dinner brings to mind during a holiday! So, I spent a few hours in the kitchen and it was glorious! Hard work, but glorious! Not only were our bellies full but so were our hearts and we toasted to our family and friends, new and old.


Red, White, Sparkling, I love it all!

Cheers! I love everything about wine from learning about how it is made, the types of grapes, the blends of flavor, and the region in which its grown. I love the tasting rooms and walking the vineyards. I like the sophistication of holding a long stemmed glass and the excitement of trying something new. Of course, there a some that I like more than others, but over all, I love a great wine experience. I love a rich Italian Red Valpolicella, or a light fruity Moscato! Back in Nova Scotia, I loved having access to a number of amazing vineyards and wineries right in our own back yard. And here in California, well its like being in the mothership of all wine lands! There is wine as far as the eye can see here! Im starting to try some local favorites and I certainly had a few “must haves” back home. What are your favorites? Share with me! I love trying reccomendations!

Trader Joes Chicken/Cilantro Mini Wontons


At some point in the very near future, I will have to dedicate an entire “Things I Love Thursday” to my favorite Trader Joes finds, but these are number one on my list these days, so I just HAVE to tell you about them now!! These little bites of deliciousness are so quick and easy to make and you can make just a few or you can cook up the whole bag and share with the family! I am working on some weightloss and healthy eating goals and these fit into my meal plan, marvelously! Added bonus, I can sautee some riced cauliflower and bell pepers and have a delicious, low fat, low carb meal that is quick and filling. The ingredients are simple and while I usually dont do a lot of processed foods, these are fabulous for a busy family on the go!


So those are the Things I LOVE, this Thursday! Hope you enjoy!!


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