“Things I LOVE” Thursday!


I’m starting a new weekly post about my Favorite Things! Was I Inspired by Oprah? Maybe?! But really, I just love when I read blogs, insta posts and Facebook articles about people’s personal favorite items, and Ive decided to share  my faves with you! Some weeks “Things I Love Thursdays” may be a mishmash of random stuff, other weeks there may be a theme! Also, this can be a great tie in with practicing gratitude. Even if that means just being thankful for the smallest of gifts/pleasures in our lives.

Each week I would love to hear about your favourite things or if I’ve inspired you to try something new I want to hear your thoughts!! Also, I am not sponsored by any of these products (yet lol) so these are just honest to goodness things I LOVE!

Without further ado, here are a few of my favourite things!

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Original

Find it at TJ MAXX/Marshalls or Winners for you best price!

Why do I love this dry shampoo? First off, I used to be a girl who had to wash her hair every.single.day! And I have the kind of hair that takes FOREVER to dry, so it was a real pain in the A$$! So, I started trying to find dry shampoo so I could prolong the length of time between washes and also give my hair a break from over styling! Batiste was recommended by a few friends after I had tried high end, salon quality dry shampoo with little to no success. The price point on this product is amazing! I can find it at my local TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Winners stores for about $6 a can. The product doesn’t leave any residue or overwhelming scent and a little goes a long way! If you haven’t tried this one yet, head out and grab a can! Also I specifically use the ORIGINAL as I have had the most success with it!

  Palm Tree’s

Whats not to love?!

Recently, as you know, we have moved from East Coast Canada to the Golden Coast of California! Its a big move and it has been both amazing and beyond challenging! But one thing that makes me smile, every damn day, are the Palm Trees. They just give off the laid-back vibe of relaxation, vacation, sunshine and a more chilled out attitude. If I am having a rough day of missing home, or if the kids attitudes have me in a mood, or I’m just feeling like there are not enough hours in a day to keep on top of everything I want to, when I catch a glimpse of those tall, majestic masterpieces of nature,  I feel a sense of calm and gratitude. And a life filled with blessings and adventures is a life worth living. And often it is the distinct “Californian-ness” of the Palm Tress reminds me to take a breath, slow down and practice gratitude for the blessings I have in my life!



Yes, I am a female who LOVES watching hockey. In fact, in my house, I’m the one was wants a LARGER flat screen for Hockey Night In Canada! Hubby and I love our tradition of enjoying Saturday night hockey in our respective team jerseys! “GO PENS GO”! I love the fast paced action of the game. I love how truly CANADIAN it is to be a huge hockey fan. I love the chill of an arena and of course rink fries!! YUMMY! I love that the women in my family have been able to watch generations of the “Greats” play from Bauer, to Howe, Gretzky to Brodeur, Lemieux to Crosby! I love it all! Play off beards are never my favourite but I can handle a few weeks of lumberjacks on ice for the thrill of the game! I love that it can bring families together in cheering on the same team, or healthy fun filled rivalries with opposing teams! I love that people are passionate about the game and will follow their teams for life. Yes, we could debate endlessly about the players being over paid, the politics, the fights, and the over priced beer at the venues, but for me it is wholesome family fun time that I look forward to every October!

Coffee…sweet sweet Coffee

Its my little cuppa happiness in the morning…and the afternoon. The warmth of the mug. The conversations had over a cup. The smell of the delicious flavours. The pretentious mugs from my favourite Barista that make me feel oh so alive! Okay, okay. I am getting a little carried away. But honestly, I do love coffee, the mugs, the flavours and the little extra bounce it puts in my step! Bottoms up coffee lovers!

But first, coffee.


Food Photos

I am not kidding! I love scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest looking for drool worthy food pics! They sometimes make me super hungry, and most of the time I won’t ever make the recipes I find. But I always get ideas, learn a little about types of food and different ways people choose to eat, and hell, on occasion I even try out a new idea in the kitchen! The truth is though,  most of the time I just like the little sneak peek into what else people enjoy as comfort food, celebration worthy food and every day meals! So keep those photos coming people!!

And the last of the Things I Love Thursday for this week. My absolute, CANNOT live with out, beauty product….



My skin has never been better!

So this product is the REAL DEAL! Created by SST Cosmetics, a proudly Canadian company, this product not only acts as a make up primer, it also works to heal and hydrate your skin all day long and provides UVA and UVB protection! This product is fabulous for all skin types and is literally for EVERYBODY! According to the SST website “This weightless HIS & HERS Skin Perfecting Balm helps to smooth away fine line while healing skin imperfections all in a colorless matte finish. A blend of Vitamin C & A for a strong anti-oxidant kick along with Tea Tree for antiseptic healing and chamomile for skin soothing.” It can be also used for after shave balm proving again, is great for all skin types.

For me, the biggest benefit is that it heals my skin underneath my make up rather than adding extra gunk to my pores. I am prone to acne, have been since my teenage years. I am also a mom and approaching 40, so fine lines and wrinkles are creeping up and setting in. I aim to use products that are more natural and “helpful” to my skin, rather than harmful. What I LOVE about SST cosmetics is that they are Talc, Silicon and Parabin free! So, the product is truly good for your skin! This product is on my “I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT” beauty product list! Wanna know where to get some? Contact me or visit their website at http://www.sstsignatureseries.com.

These are my picks for this weeks “Things I Love” Thursdays! Let me know what you think and check my out on Instagram and Twitter!!!





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