Sometimes we just have to Push Pause

I had big plans for this week and today especially but this morning I am realizing I need to take a rest and push pause for today. I have a few drafts of blogs I want to share with you, I have some personal admin that needs to be taken care of, and I have a mountain of laundry to fold and 2.5 bathrooms to clean. I’ve been fighting off the dreaded school cold bug that my kids have both had but, this morning, I woke up at 4am with a screaming sore throat! 

As a mom and a wife and as a woman generally, I harbour a lot of guilt when I feel like I can’t keep up to the demands of the day. Ironically, I place most of those demands on myself. I want my kids to have homemade lunches with cute lunchbox notes. I like to get to the gym while my family is at work and school so I don’t miss out on time with them. I prep healthy meals in advance. I try to connect with friends and family via social media and texting every day to stay connected. The list of daily To Dos can be intense. 

Today though, it’s a no go. This morning I’m pressing pause. I’m having a hot tea, laying on the couch and catching up on some reality TV Guilty Pleasures. I am hoping that by resting this morning, I can feel better for the rest of the week and be back to feeling good!

Remember friends, take care of yourself so you can help care for those you love! Love yourself too!


Sometimes we just have to Push Pause

I had big plans for this week and today especially but this morning I am realizing I need to take a best and push pause for today. I have a few drafts of blogs I want to share with you, I have some personal admin that needs to be taken care of, and I have a mountain of laundry to fold and 2.5 bathrooms to clean. I’ve been fighting off the dreaded school cold bug that my kids have both had but this morning I woke up at 4am with a screaming sore throat! 

As a mom and a wife and as a woman generally, I harbour a lot of guilt when I feel like I can’t keep up to the demands of the day. Ironically, I place most of those demands on myself. I want my kids to have homemade lunches with cute lunchbox notes. I like to get to the gym while my family is at work and school so I don’t miss out on time with them. I prep healthy meals in advance. I try to connect with friends and family via social media and texting every day to stay connected. The list of daily To Dos can be intense. 

Today though, it’s a no go. This morning I’m pressing pause. I’m having a hot tea, laying on the couch and catching up on some reality TV Guilty Pleasures. I am hoping that by resting this morning, I can feel better for the rest of the week and be back to feeling good!

Remember friends, take care of yourself so you can help care for those you love! Love yourself too!


“Things I LOVE” Thursday : Guilty Pleasures Edition

Today, I need a little fun! It’s almost the weekend and I am being a little self indulgent this morning by wearing my comfiest sweats, a cozy tank and writing this post in bed sipping on a hot cuppa Creme Brûlée flavored coffee. It was a long night with our oldest battling a nasty head cold, so Im going to enjoy my three hours to myself this morning.

What better way to do that but kick back and share with you some of the Guilty Pleasures I LOVE the most?!

These, my friends are in  no particular order and feel free to comment with some of your faves!


Yup, it is true. I love a good selfie! And not just my own selfies, I love other people selfies as much, or even more! I can hear some of you rolling your eyes from here, but hear me out. I have many reasons to love a selfie. Personally, I am usually the photog in my family, so getting me in a photo is difficult. Even more difficult, getting me in a photo I like of my self (see previous blog post on negative self talk). Also, I figure if anyone is willing to take a photo of themselves (myself included), edit it or not, and post it to social media to share with the world, then they must be feeling pretty damn confident in that moment and be loving what they see! Self-confidence is a hard thing to gain and if you have that, even just for a split second, OWN it!



Disclaimer: if you’re taking NSFW selfies, or your partner wants you to send some nekkid selfies, remember, NOTHING IS EVER SACRED or DELETED FROM THE INTERNET. So please, please post your selfies with safety and internet awareness in mind. 



I am a true Boy Band lover, no ifs, ands, or buts about it and I will own up to that any day, anywhere! Does it mean I don’t have good taste in music? NO. Does it mean I only enjoy bubblegum pop? NO. Does it mean I like to sing along loudly in my car and embarrass my kids? Yes. Does it mean BSB, NKOTB & NSYNC are on my everyday play list, hell yes! It also means I can do the choreo to many of their most famous songs; that my kids can sing along in the car with me because they know all the words AND that I have travelled A LOT to see them live! I like the cheesy lyrics, the matching outfits, the synchronized choreo and I lived through the era of boy band posters lining my walls. 

If you’re reading this and you are quietly singing “Backstreets Back” or “Tearin’ Up My heart” I know you feel me on this one. If you are rocking out “The Right Stuff” while cleaning your bathroom, we could be best friends, just sayin’.



…Like, the kind of reality T.V. that you’re not sure you want to admit you watch out loud in a room full of people you don’t know well. You know what I mean, and don’t be judgy! We all have one or two of those what we cannot miss or we will binge watch when we need a fix! So in the name of Things I LOVE Thursday, Ill proudly share with you a few of my cringe-worthy picks! First, I love any show that The Bachelor franchise puts out. I like The Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise. I like it all.

Also, I love me some Kardashians. I will watch that show for hours on a rainy day or a sick day. I watch it at the gym. I follow them on social media. Now talk about Selfies!! Its two of my favorite things in one! I truly enjoy their dynamics. I like that each of the family members is sometimes relatable and sometimes I have no idea what they’re even talking about. I watch it at face value. Entertainment. 

I also love music/talent shows like American Idol, X Factor, The Voice and Boy Band. I love watching people finding a way to reach their dreams and I LOVE music of all kinds, so its a win win. Do I cringe when some of the shows show bad auditions? Yes. Do I cry when one of the contestants nails an amazing ballad? YES! I sing along, I clap, I boo, I pick favorites and I cry when a good one wins! You should’ve seen me way back when Kelly Clarkson won Idol….all the tears!



The thing about Starbucks for me that is a guilty pleasure is that each time I go, its not just about the coffee, its about the whole experience. I like to order my pretentiously delicious, Grande Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte, No whip, extra hot, all they while trying to decide which name I will give them when they ask for my name to put on my cup. And while they are writing my name on said cup, I am wondering if they will spell it right, while secretly hoping they get it terribly wrong so I can tweet about it! I pay using my app, so I can collect starts for more free Starbucks, and secretly judge those who don’t. If I have time, I like to sit with my coffee, which, lets face it,  will need to cool down since I ordered it extra hot. I will usually take a Selfie or check in on social media. Then I start the people watching. And Starbucks has THE BEST people watching people! I sip and enjoy the warm cinnamon flavor and take it all in. Truly indulging in the practice of self care while thoroughly enjoying every last drop!


And last but not least….

90’s MUSIC

The music of the 90’s is varied and multifaceted. It is beautifully eclectic. The early 90’s saw everything from the dominating Guns n’ Roses with Use Your Illusions I&II, and Nirvana breaking onto the grunge scene in 1992. You also had literal oldies tracks like Unchained Melody and Bohemian Rhapsody on the Billboard Charts as a result of movie soundtracks introducing a new generation to these classics. Whitney Houston also dominated the early 90’s with hits from The Bodyguard, pop music at its FINEST! By the mid 90’s You had Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey front and centre in Pop/R&B, and Alanis Morisettes iconic Jagged Little Pill on fire winning Grammy of the year in 1996. Rounding out the 90’s was the resurgence of the Boy Band and Girl groups. Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls were skyrocketing towards world wide success (YAY!!) and bringing new girl, Britney Spears along for the ride. Icons like Aerosmith, Elton John and Cher also so mega success in the 90’s with their hits “I Dont wanna miss a Thing”, a remake of “Candle in the Wind” for Princess Diana, and “Believe”. 

Also in the 90’s, bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Radiohead made huge waves in their genres, while Michael Jackson was still pumping out incredible chart toppers. You had the battle of the rappers like Biggie, Tupac, Puff Daddy. You had Salt n’ Pepa, Shania Twain, Matchbox Twenty, No Doubt, Sheryl Crow, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Destinys Child…… The list of artists and the development of so many genres is incredible and I LOVE it all! It is the soundtrack of my youth and there was literally something for everyone! For me, I LOVED a lot of it, and could appreciate and enjoy most of it! I have many memories of listening to Nirvana and Pearl Jam then later rocking it out to some of my all time favorite dance tracks like “Push It”! I am a 90’s girl through and through!

What are some of your favorite 90’s Jams?


I hope you have enjoyed my first Guilty Pleasures Edition. I am sure there will be more of these!!


Happy Thursday!


Confessions of a Negative Nelly

If you know me outside of my writing, or even just from my writing, you would know that most people would tend to disagree that I am a “Negative Nelly”. My friends and family would likely say that I am supportive and positive. That would likely say, that I have motivated them in one way or another or that I am strong and inspirational.

Wow, that might sound that I am a bit conceited or full of myself, but honestly, that is far from true. While I am usually labelled the cheerleader among my friends, colleagues and family, I tend to be my own worst enemy. If I were coronated Queen of something, it would likely be the Queen of negative self talk.

self talk

I am the first one to harshly criticize everything I do from how I look to whether or not I have offended someone with something I have said. I will play over, in my mind, the things I could’ve, would’ve and should’ve. Each and every single day I have to mindfully practice how to peak to myself kindly. I have read varying reports on how many words we say to ourselves everyday and it varies from 30,000 to 70,000. So, lets imagine for a minute that that majority of those words are negative. The impact on our day to day living, our self esteem, our productivity, our anxieties, and our complete mental health, would be astounding. It IS astounding.

I am not a psychologist, a therapist, or a researcher of any sort in this field. But from a personal point of view, here are a few things I have learned about my personal journey, of practicing positive self talk.

1. When I am in a positive frame of mind, I am more productive and more successful in reaching my goals. I can stick to my nutrition and fitness goals; I can reach new heights at work; and I can find a clearer path to reaching new challenges I set out for myself.

2. When I use a positive inner dialogue, I am in a better mood. Hands down. I am a better friend, partner and parent.

3. When I focus on the negatives, they snowball. For instance, if I think I haven’t had a perfect day on my nutrition and fitness plan, and I call my self a failure, I let one day of “imperfection” turn into a week or a month. Its like an “All or Nothing” spiral.

4. When I am feeling positive, the intricacies and challenges of parenting seem manageable. When, I am in a negative headspace, I am impatient, emotional and less consistent.


As a self identified, Negative Nelly, I feel it important to tell you that just by “trying” to have a more positive inner dialogue, it isn’t enough. It is an exercise, a daily practice. Practice makes perfect right? Well no-one is perfect, but practicing these tools like gratitude and positive self talk, do take repetition and effort. Sometimes, I don’t quite get there. But each day, I show up and I TRY. The worst part is that when I do get into these negative zones, it like quitting the gym. Its so hard to get back there but once you do, your body remembers what to do, and you can get strong again.

The BEST part is that when you are in a good routine of being positive, it too snowballs. Inner positivity grows and radiates outward and spills in to every facet of regular day to day living. And guys, here’s the thing I think I love the most, when you have a moment of slipping back into the negativity, it is OK, so long as you don’t stay there. Having positive and negatives (healthy ones)  in our lives definitely creates balance, but naturally, that balance may occasionally get out of whack. Getting back to a routine of training our minds (like we train our bodies)  to practice positive self talk, can only serve to have an over all propituous  effect on our confidence and successes.

Next time you’re having a conversation with yourself, check in with how it’s making you feel. If you’re feeling like you’re failing; if you feel like you’re anxious or disappointed, reframe what you’re saying. I started my journey but literally searching Google for positive self talk mantras.

If you’re feeling positive, watch that positivity snowball into gratitude and wait for it, MORE POSITIVITY. Its true, I promise!

Some of my favourite positive self talk mantras include:

“I am enough”.  “I am worth it”.
“I am capable of anything I put my mind to”.
“I am strong”.
“I choose happiness”.

It can be uncomfortable at times, to be your own cheerleader and say kind things to yourself, but it does get easier. The coolest thing that I have found is, if you are kind to yourself, you start to believe that you are worth it. You start to believe these mantras and positive things you affirm to yourself. The outcome, well thats the icing on the cake. The outcome is confidence, positive experiences and for me, even lessened anxiety.

In case you aren’t ready to say these things to yourself yet, I am here to say them to you and I hope that you start to believe them. “You are enough, You are worth it! You are capable of anything you put your mind to. You are strong, and You will achieve happiness”.


Cheers to you! You are AMAZING!

~ M~



“Things I LOVE” Thursday

I hope you’re back to check out a few of my favourites this week! Were there any products I shared last week that peaked your interest? I know I got a ton of feedback on Insta and Twitter about the Batiste Dry Shampoo!  Looks like y’all are loving it as much as I am!

Without further a do, on to this weeks picks!


Office Depot can take all my money!

From the time I was a little girl, I loved that late August excitement of going school supply shopping with my mom to get all of the new pristine pencils and the crisp clean note paper. The Binders that had yet to be doodled on and the fresh markers, or crayons or colored pencils that had the perfect pointed tips! I loved it all! It signified the start of somethng new and exciting and it also meant routine and structure. I craved those things then after a long fun summer and I crave them now at the start of the school year, or in January when things need to be freshened up or as I set new goals. I love stickers to help me organize my planner, I like colored pens to categorize what types of appointments I have upcoming. I love the freshness of a new note pad for meal planning or goal setting. I love it ALL!

Notebooks, stickers and planners! Oh MY!

Bold Red Lipstick

That instant “Put Together” & Sexy Feeling

Ok ladies, who doesn’t feel instantly more glam with a bold lip stick?! For you it might be a merlot color or maybe even a hot pink, but for me it is RED, RED, RED! I think it goes back to the days of “Blonde Ambition Tour” and “Vogue” Madonna, who always looked in charge, fierce and fine when she was rocking her gold lip! It could also be the sultry, sexiness of Marilyn Monroe, who owned a room with her smile. That feeling I get when my make up is on point, my outfit is looking and feeling fabulous and I top it off with a classic, bold red lip, well let me tell you it gives me a feeling of “I will OWN this day”! I instantly feel more powerful, pulled together and hell, sexier! My top three favorites are MAC Cosmetics, Retro Matte in Ruby Woo, SST Cosmetics, Matte, in Passion and Kylie Matte Lip Stick in Mary Jo K!!! Grab your favorite lipstick today, and flaunt it!!

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

Turkey Dinner

Homemade, of course, with all the trimmings

 This week was Canadian Thanksgiving, as I mentionned in my post on Tuesday, and besides practicing gratitude, I broke out my inner Martha Stewart and cooked a fablous homemade meal for my family and friends. There is something so rewarding about prepping and cooking a healthy, homemade meal that satisfies the physical want for delicious food but also the emotional connection and memories that certain meals or dishes carry over the years. This year we were away from our extended family and life long friends, but we still wanted that feeling that the smell of a turkey dinner brings to mind during a holiday! So, I spent a few hours in the kitchen and it was glorious! Hard work, but glorious! Not only were our bellies full but so were our hearts and we toasted to our family and friends, new and old.


Red, White, Sparkling, I love it all!

Cheers! I love everything about wine from learning about how it is made, the types of grapes, the blends of flavor, and the region in which its grown. I love the tasting rooms and walking the vineyards. I like the sophistication of holding a long stemmed glass and the excitement of trying something new. Of course, there a some that I like more than others, but over all, I love a great wine experience. I love a rich Italian Red Valpolicella, or a light fruity Moscato! Back in Nova Scotia, I loved having access to a number of amazing vineyards and wineries right in our own back yard. And here in California, well its like being in the mothership of all wine lands! There is wine as far as the eye can see here! Im starting to try some local favorites and I certainly had a few “must haves” back home. What are your favorites? Share with me! I love trying reccomendations!

Trader Joes Chicken/Cilantro Mini Wontons


At some point in the very near future, I will have to dedicate an entire “Things I Love Thursday” to my favorite Trader Joes finds, but these are number one on my list these days, so I just HAVE to tell you about them now!! These little bites of deliciousness are so quick and easy to make and you can make just a few or you can cook up the whole bag and share with the family! I am working on some weightloss and healthy eating goals and these fit into my meal plan, marvelously! Added bonus, I can sautee some riced cauliflower and bell pepers and have a delicious, low fat, low carb meal that is quick and filling. The ingredients are simple and while I usually dont do a lot of processed foods, these are fabulous for a busy family on the go!


So those are the Things I LOVE, this Thursday! Hope you enjoy!!


Giving Thanks ~ practicing gratitude vs. the grand gesture

Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving and we officially experienced our first “Holiday” away from our hometowns and our home country. It was a bit surreal. Everything in my head told me that it would be hard and it wouldn’t be the same. In my heart though, I was feeling content.

As we are fortunate enough to have the beauty of technology,  I was able to FaceTime into my family having dinner and watch my uncle open his birthday presents. I was able to chat with my mom and my girls were able to share their day with their Nanny. When I first ended the phone call, I will admit, I shed a few tears. I was having a bit of FOMO combined with real, honest to goodness homesickness. Then, I took a deep breath and remembered that last Thanksgiving I would have given anything to have my little family of four all under one roof. And there they were, playing and doing homework while I made a beautiful turkey dinner. My husband ran around town chauffeuring the girls to and from school while I set the table, prepped dessert and chilled the wine. In that deep breath I found a bit of peace while practicing gratitude.

Giving Thanks isn’t about being appreciative of the big moments solely, its about being able to practice gratitude in the moments of challenge and to be thankful for the little moments. Those moments of normal, every day living. Gratitude to have two beautiful girls, who challenge me daily, challenge my patience and make me question if I am doing things right. Thankful to have my amazing husband here to help with the day to day and to enjoy life great experiences with. Thankful to have family and friends at home who cherish us no matter the distance. Thankful to have food on the table and a roof over our heads.

I’m not trying to be a martyr, not at all. This is just honestly the direction I am trying to move towards in my life. Would I have loved to been at home with my family, sure! Would I like more money? To be thinner? Taller? Smarter? More patient? Of course, I am human. Increasingly though, I am trying to remember to practice gratitude. To teach my children gratitude. To be an example of living in the moment and being thankful for each experience.  Some days it is NOT easy. When my kids are having meltdowns, it is not easy to be able to practice gratitude. When someone is going through a difficult time and I am not close enough to really help they way I want to, it is not easy. When I am missing out on events and the growing up of some of my favourite people and their tiny humans, I am heartbroken. When I just want a hug form my mom, and she’s thousands of miles away, it is NOT easy.

So, Im teaching myself to put a spin on those moments. I am thankful my mom is just a phone call away and she knows how to use FaceTime. I prayed for healthy babies for a long time and wasn’t sure if we would be able to have a healthy baby, and that I am thankful for my girls, more than anything. I am proud of my husband and his military service, and when he is away from home, that makes me beyond grateful for when he is here.

All of this being said, gratitude is a practice. It takes real, intense, hard practice. And like anything else, there are times we will not find success in being grateful, but we try and try again.

I challenge you all today, to pick something small. Something that you normally might take for granted, and be grateful. Write it down. Why are you grateful for that thing? How does it make you feel? Enjoy that moment of gratitude and how it makes you feel. I also challenge you to practice gratitude daily, and see how it changes your outlook. I know I am going to try as well. Then, we will meet here, lets say in time for American Thanksgiving, and see how we are doing with our gratitude.

Breathe Deep friends, I am thankful for you.


“Things I LOVE” Thursday!


I’m starting a new weekly post about my Favorite Things! Was I Inspired by Oprah? Maybe?! But really, I just love when I read blogs, insta posts and Facebook articles about people’s personal favorite items, and Ive decided to share  my faves with you! Some weeks “Things I Love Thursdays” may be a mishmash of random stuff, other weeks there may be a theme! Also, this can be a great tie in with practicing gratitude. Even if that means just being thankful for the smallest of gifts/pleasures in our lives.

Each week I would love to hear about your favourite things or if I’ve inspired you to try something new I want to hear your thoughts!! Also, I am not sponsored by any of these products (yet lol) so these are just honest to goodness things I LOVE!

Without further ado, here are a few of my favourite things!

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Original

Find it at TJ MAXX/Marshalls or Winners for you best price!

Why do I love this dry shampoo? First off, I used to be a girl who had to wash her hair! And I have the kind of hair that takes FOREVER to dry, so it was a real pain in the A$$! So, I started trying to find dry shampoo so I could prolong the length of time between washes and also give my hair a break from over styling! Batiste was recommended by a few friends after I had tried high end, salon quality dry shampoo with little to no success. The price point on this product is amazing! I can find it at my local TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Winners stores for about $6 a can. The product doesn’t leave any residue or overwhelming scent and a little goes a long way! If you haven’t tried this one yet, head out and grab a can! Also I specifically use the ORIGINAL as I have had the most success with it!

  Palm Tree’s

Whats not to love?!

Recently, as you know, we have moved from East Coast Canada to the Golden Coast of California! Its a big move and it has been both amazing and beyond challenging! But one thing that makes me smile, every damn day, are the Palm Trees. They just give off the laid-back vibe of relaxation, vacation, sunshine and a more chilled out attitude. If I am having a rough day of missing home, or if the kids attitudes have me in a mood, or I’m just feeling like there are not enough hours in a day to keep on top of everything I want to, when I catch a glimpse of those tall, majestic masterpieces of nature,  I feel a sense of calm and gratitude. And a life filled with blessings and adventures is a life worth living. And often it is the distinct “Californian-ness” of the Palm Tress reminds me to take a breath, slow down and practice gratitude for the blessings I have in my life!



Yes, I am a female who LOVES watching hockey. In fact, in my house, I’m the one was wants a LARGER flat screen for Hockey Night In Canada! Hubby and I love our tradition of enjoying Saturday night hockey in our respective team jerseys! “GO PENS GO”! I love the fast paced action of the game. I love how truly CANADIAN it is to be a huge hockey fan. I love the chill of an arena and of course rink fries!! YUMMY! I love that the women in my family have been able to watch generations of the “Greats” play from Bauer, to Howe, Gretzky to Brodeur, Lemieux to Crosby! I love it all! Play off beards are never my favourite but I can handle a few weeks of lumberjacks on ice for the thrill of the game! I love that it can bring families together in cheering on the same team, or healthy fun filled rivalries with opposing teams! I love that people are passionate about the game and will follow their teams for life. Yes, we could debate endlessly about the players being over paid, the politics, the fights, and the over priced beer at the venues, but for me it is wholesome family fun time that I look forward to every October!

Coffee…sweet sweet Coffee

Its my little cuppa happiness in the morning…and the afternoon. The warmth of the mug. The conversations had over a cup. The smell of the delicious flavours. The pretentious mugs from my favourite Barista that make me feel oh so alive! Okay, okay. I am getting a little carried away. But honestly, I do love coffee, the mugs, the flavours and the little extra bounce it puts in my step! Bottoms up coffee lovers!

But first, coffee.


Food Photos

I am not kidding! I love scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest looking for drool worthy food pics! They sometimes make me super hungry, and most of the time I won’t ever make the recipes I find. But I always get ideas, learn a little about types of food and different ways people choose to eat, and hell, on occasion I even try out a new idea in the kitchen! The truth is though,  most of the time I just like the little sneak peek into what else people enjoy as comfort food, celebration worthy food and every day meals! So keep those photos coming people!!

And the last of the Things I Love Thursday for this week. My absolute, CANNOT live with out, beauty product….



My skin has never been better!

So this product is the REAL DEAL! Created by SST Cosmetics, a proudly Canadian company, this product not only acts as a make up primer, it also works to heal and hydrate your skin all day long and provides UVA and UVB protection! This product is fabulous for all skin types and is literally for EVERYBODY! According to the SST website “This weightless HIS & HERS Skin Perfecting Balm helps to smooth away fine line while healing skin imperfections all in a colorless matte finish. A blend of Vitamin C & A for a strong anti-oxidant kick along with Tea Tree for antiseptic healing and chamomile for skin soothing.” It can be also used for after shave balm proving again, is great for all skin types.

For me, the biggest benefit is that it heals my skin underneath my make up rather than adding extra gunk to my pores. I am prone to acne, have been since my teenage years. I am also a mom and approaching 40, so fine lines and wrinkles are creeping up and setting in. I aim to use products that are more natural and “helpful” to my skin, rather than harmful. What I LOVE about SST cosmetics is that they are Talc, Silicon and Parabin free! So, the product is truly good for your skin! This product is on my “I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT” beauty product list! Wanna know where to get some? Contact me or visit their website at

These are my picks for this weeks “Things I Love” Thursdays! Let me know what you think and check my out on Instagram and Twitter!!!